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Plates (Tondi)
Holloware Vignettes

  • Candleholder Collection

    • Each candleholder is conceived as a piece of sculpture which accommodates a candle. A design may be made to hold pillar candles or to hold candles that can sit on top of a dish, such as ball-shaped and tear-drop shaped. The base metal is copper with brass and bronze as part of the designs. Since each piece is handmade, the size may vary up to one inch.


  • Vase Collection

    • Each vase is designed as a piece of sculpture which can accommodate fresh or dried flowers or stand alone as an object of art. The base metal is copper with the addition of brass rims in the 700 and 1200 Series designs. There are three series: 400 Classic, 700 Silhouette, and 1200 Designer.


  • Bowl Collection

    • Each bowl is made to stand-alone as an accessory piece for a table, credenza, or sculpture base. The base metal of each bowl is copper. The 700 Series has a brass rim and the 281 bowl has brass clips as part of the design.


  • Plates (Tondi) Collection

    • Each piece is conceived as wall art. The base metal is copper. The smaller sizes can be placed on plate stands and flat surfaces, such as tables.
  • Holloware Vignettes 

    • These vignettes illustrate a grouping of related holloware pieces that can be used in homes or offices.

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